Below, I review four precepts collected over a decade seeking answers to the "Simulation" dilemma presented by Matrix (1999) and accidentally... Finding (stumbling upon) them, in the least expected places: Appendix B.
For instance, upon learning thatsensory adaptationmakes our perception (sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch) highly prone to manipulation, I keep aiming to detoxify my sense of taste, knowing it embeds the food choices and ultimately the lifestyle diseases, we think our own, unaware that our Matrix-like “Sensory Masters” ingrain them in our brain since infancy.
In 2009, after years of research, but mostly by trial & error, I found Fuhrman’s Health = Nutrients Per Calorieapproach and the simplest way to execute it: G-BOMBS. Since then, I discovered five other pioneering MDs (Appendix A) whose work confirms or precedes Fuhrman’s.
On the other hand, what led me to these findings was the present era of nearly-free access to information, made possible by Tim Berners-Lee and our Matrix-like complex. So, while the Internet does spread a million lies, when carefully vetted, today’s infinite information bounty gives you a degree of control over your destiny, no previous generation ever had... Or, it can turn you into a slave to the myriad addictive virtual worlds,whose food is your existence.